Many Black architects were marginalized in history because they could not be formally recognized for their contributions due to racial discrimination. This makes it difficult to trace the history of many Black architects and builders because their names did not make it into the history books. For that reason, the Black Architects Archive relies on community-driven history to build its database of Black practitioners of the built environment. This means sourcing historical information from the participants themselves and the people closest to them such as their descendants and their former business partners, co-workers, and students.

Do you know of someone who should be included in the Black Architects Archive?

Inclusion in the Archive is not based on notoriety, awards, or aesthetic critique. Rather we simply wish to surface the existence of these practitioners and will include anyone who can be verified to have contributed to the shaping of the built environment. This includes builders, contractors, engineers, landscape architects, and others who designed or built buildings or landscapes even if they did not possess the title of “architect.”

The Black Architects Archive is a continuous work in progress that relies on collective knowledge to build community history. Help us build the Archive by submitting a built environment practitioner's information here.